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Letter from Columbus to the King and Queen of Spain/Talk

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Letter from Columbus to the King & Queen of Spain.


Now that the islands have been discovered, mainly the island of Espaniola, Columbus is writing to the King and Queen to tell them about how he thinks that they should be set up. Columbus says that they should develop several small towns on the islands and each should have a mayor, he also says the when people come to these islands for gold they must report to the town every month or week to show them what they have found that can be sent back to Spain. He declares several rules about the finding and transporting of gold mainly so that there is no Fraud or stealing from inside members of the group.
After Columbus discovered all these islands in the Caribbean, with tons of gold on them, there is a great interest in setting up colonies on them so rules for the colonies were needed.

Columbus is setting out on his second voyage and is letting Spain know how he will systematically begin to colonize.


King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
The Church


The purpose of this letter is to outline the terms of setting up settlements on the newly discovered islands.

Columbus has already been given the powers of a dictator in these lands. All he needs to do now is let Spain know they will be getting large amounts of Gold. He also wants to let the Church know that there will be sufficient amounts of


Christopher Columbus

Observations and Interpretations

Why is Columbus so sure that the natives will convert without a struggle. It is very possible that they won't want to even though they seem "nice." This is two years later. Perhaps they have formed new opinions?

I think it is interesting how Columbus was so concerned with converting the natives and how he wants a church on the island for the purpose "to administer the sacraments, to perform divine worship, and for the conversion of the Indians."

What you said seems to be correct however I think Columbus seems to be more into setting up these Colonies for the Gold that will come from they, yes the first few bullets revolve around religion but the rest of the document is all about the finding and trading of gold. It is also interesting how he shows how much of a benefit the King & Queen will be getting if they can set up this system that Columbus wants to. This document mainly make Columbus seem like a Concurer/Missionary because he wants to do both: teach the lessons of god and make settlement to benefit spain


Did the King and Queen of Spain have any objections to these policy's? If so what were they?

Technically, no. However, they are the king and queen of Spain. I'm sure Columbus made sure they would be satisfied before he wrote anything.

How did Columbus come up with these terms and ways of setting up colonies in the new world?
It made sense?

Did anyone accompany Columbus in making these decisions?

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